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Construction Specific Expertise

The problem punch list facing contractors and real estate developers seems endless, and a shallow understanding of general accounting and taxes is not enough.

I take great pride in providing the special construction accounting knowledge and expertise that is needed to help you with the diverse day-to-day operations of your business.

With my Bay Area construction accounting experience, I can help you with everything from selecting entity considerations for doing business, evaluating purchasing or leasing equipment as well as equipment depreciation, to identifying federal and state credits available to your company.

Whatever the size of your company, I am confident I can provide you with tailored and comprehensive financial information, advice and solutions.

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LLC Taxes

Real Estate Professional & Rental Property Tax Services

Income Tax for an (LLC): 


An LLC is a form of enterprise that is a blend of both corporate structure and partnership. It is a legally formed company in which limited liability is provided to the owner.

Due to its complexity, filing taxes for LLCs include the understanding and completion of several detailed IRS forms. The tax professionals at David Kirst CPA can help guide you through the process of filing taxes for your Limited Liability Company with our LLC Tax Preparation Services.

Tax Preparation for an LLC: 

As a pass-through entity by default for federal income tax of U.S. Corporations, LLCs pay tax twice at entity level as well as after shareholder distribution; however, it’s paid only by single or multiple owners. The owners must be aware of the forms that LLC tax preparation services have prepared for the income tax of company once it is organized as LLC.

Ask the Right Questions: 

The IRS determines a real estate professional as a person who spends more than one half of his or her working time in the rental business. “The rental business” includes:

  • Property management;

  • Property acquisition;

  • Property construction;

  • Property development.

  • Anyone that spends in excess of 750 working hours every year working on their real estate rental properties.

Understanding the taxes for real estate professionals and their impact on your profit can be minimized with the help of our real estate professionals / rental property tax services, and asking yourself the following questions:

  • Do you, in fact, really own real estate that you’re either renting out at the moment, or

  • plan on doing so in the near future?

  • If you are renting out your real estate, what kind of an investor are you?

  • Are you a real estate professional?

  • Are you a passive investor?

These questions, and essentially their answers, offer an understanding that if such investments exist on your part, they offer deductions that could be used to reduce the income tax on your profits, in addition to having potential for capital and income appreciation on an ongoing basis.

Seek Professional Services

Our real estate professionals / rental property tax services at David Kirst CPA can assist you in understanding the tax law definitions and instructions for the real estate industry. Our tax professionals will guide and enlighten you on the qualifying deductions to your real estate and rental property investments.

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