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Small & Medium Business Expertise

When you dreamed of owning your own business, it didn't involve debits, credits, payroll and taxes, did it?

No doubt, accounting and tax work can take the fun out of owning a business. Plus, these time-consuming activities can distract owners from core business functions like product development, sales and customer service. But someone has to keep an eye on the numbers. Outsourcing is the smart and cost-effective way to get top quality accounting and tax work without adding employees to the payroll.

I can help entrepreneurial and small business owners manage the financial minutiae unique to their company. Since 2001, I have been helping entrepreneurs and established business owners in the creation and preservation of business value and personal wealth. My entrepreneurial and small business services include all matters of financial preparation, such as taxes and accounting, financial recruiting, QuickBooks installation, support and short and long term goal planning.

What I can do for you​​

I have worked with clients of all shapes and sizes – from sole proprietors to multi-million dollar businesses – and can develop an individualized service plan that meets each client’s unique needs and budget. I have decades of experience that I can put to work for you. 

Balance Books

I can help balance your company’s books, as well as offer counsel regarding your company’s and your own personal financial decisions and future.  


Track Budget & Performance

I can help you create and manage internal controls and a job-cost system, so you can track performance, compare them to your budget, and determine ongoing profitability.


Financial Forecasts

I can assist with financing, and forecast cash flow planning, succession planning, and owner’s personal finance planning



Pay Employees & Budget for Health Insurance


Save on 

Day-toDay Expense


Properly track expenses and track depreciations for big savings

Save Money For What Matters

Instant Savings for Companies w/ $500,000+ Revenue

The financial practices and obstacles that small businesses face are unique, and you can’t afford to have your financial advisor learning the industry on your time.  Overlooking valuable tax breaks can cost you money, and poor accounting practices can impact your company’s financial stability. Armed with insightful financial information and competent advice, you can feel confident making well-informed decisions. 


I am an experienced professional who knows how to get the job done for small businesses. I have decades of experience, offering financial counsel to firms of all sizes and situations. My goal is not only to save you money, but to help you achieve business and personal financial goals, so you can do the things you love, and enjoy owning a thriving business.

Small Businesses Have 100's of Hidden Savings Waiting To Be Discovered

Want to save money each year with professional tax assistance and financial planning?

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