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Real Estate Expertise

As an independent real estate professional or rental property manager, lacking an understanding of the minutiae of industry-specific taxes is not an option.

Therefore, financial and tax planning is essential to avoid unforeseen payments during tax season. Taking advantage of all the tax deduction activities during the year is also a way to reduce liability, and add profitability to your business.

My real estate and rental property tax services can assist you in understanding the tax law definitions and instructions for the real estate industry. My expertise will guide and enlighten you on the qualifying deductions to your real estate and rental property investments.

Do not make guess work out of your taxes and plan for taxes now to maximize deductions. I work with a myriad real estate agents and rental property managers to provide tax and accounting services. My experience working with real estate agents and investors will give you the confidence you need to confirm your taxes are in good hands. As a result, you can focus on cultivating your real estate clientele and meeting your business goals.

What I can do for you​​

I have worked with real estate professionals and rental property services of all shapes and sizes, and can develop an individualized service plan that meets each client’s unique needs and budget. I have decades of experience that I can put to work for you. 

Complex Tax Laws

I understand the complex taxes pertaining to real estate professionals and their potential impact on your and your company’s overall profit.


Identify Deductions & Savings

I can help seek deductions that could be used to reduce the income tax on your profits, in addition to having potential for capital and income appreciation on an ongoing basis.


Maximize Tax Deferral

I can implement ways to maximize tax deferral strategies, in order to add profitability to your business.



Pay Employees & Budget for Health Insurance


Save on 

Day-toDay Expense


Properly track expenses and track depreciations for big savings

Save Money For What Matters

Instant Savings for Companies w/ $500,000+ Revenue
The accounting practices and tax provisions that affect real estate professionals and rental property contractors are unique, and you can’t afford to have your tax advisor learning the industry on your time.  Overlooking valuable tax breaks can cost you money, and poor accounting practices can impact your and your company’s financial stability.

I am an experienced professional who knows how to get the job done for real estate and rental property professionals. I have experience across a wide spectrum of the industry – including property acquisition, managing, construction, and development. Armed with insightful financial information and competent advice, you can feel confident making well-informed decisions. 

My goal is not only to save you money, but to help you achieve business and personal financial goals, so you can do the things you love, and enjoy owning a thriving business.

Real Estate Have 100's of Hidden Savings Waiting To Be Discovered

Want to save money each year with professional tax assistance and financial planning?

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