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Construction Specific Expertise

The problem punch list facing contractors and real estate developers seems endless, and a shallow understanding of general accounting and taxes is not enough.

I take great pride in providing the special construction accounting knowledge and expertise that is needed to help you with the diverse day-to-day operations of your business.

With my Bay Area construction accounting experience, I can help you with everything from selecting entity considerations for doing business, evaluating purchasing or leasing equipment as well as equipment depreciation, to identifying federal and state credits available to your company.

Whatever the size of your company, I am confident I can provide you with tailored and comprehensive financial information, advice and solutions.

What I can do for you​​

I have done almost everything—from helping start-up contractors get their business license, to preparing tax returns for construction companies with revenues in excess of $100 million. I have decades of experience that I can put to work for you. 

General Financial

It takes specialized knowledge in the construction industry to prepare financial statements that are formatted correctly and trusted by banks and bonding companies. With my assistance, I can help you develop financial presentations designed to enhance your image with surety companies


Expense Tracking Strategies

I can help you create internal controls and a job-cost system, so you can track job performance, compare them to your budget, and determine ongoing profitability. I can also provide you with information and counsel on industry benchmarks and best practices, as well as implementing improved financial reporting controls.


Finding Hidden Savings

Compared to large contractors, the tax rules for small and medium contractors are more complex; but there are also unique opportunities to minimize or defer your taxes. I can help you evaluate the various options for reporting taxable income from long-term contracts with cash, accrual, percentage-of-completion, or completed-contract methods.



Pay Employees & Budget for Health Insurance


Save on 

Day-toDay Expense


Properly track expenses and track depreciations for big savings

Save Money For What Matters

The accounting practices and tax provisions that affect contractors and real estate developers are unique, and you can’t afford to have your tax advisor learning the industry on your time.  Overlooking valuable tax breaks can cost you money, and poor accounting practices can impact your company’s financial stability.

I am an experienced professional who knows how to get the job done for contractors and real estate developers. I have experience across a wide spectrum of the industry – including general and specialty contractors, homebuilders and real estate developers. Armed with insightful financial information and competent advice, you can feel confident making well-informed decisions. 

Construction Have 100's of Hidden Savings Waiting To Be Discovered

Want to save money each year with professional tax assistance and financial planning?

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