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Construction Specific Expertise

The problem punch list facing contractors and real estate developers seems endless, and a shallow understanding of general accounting and taxes is not enough.

I take great pride in providing the special construction accounting knowledge and expertise that is needed to help you with the diverse day-to-day operations of your business.

With my Bay Area construction accounting experience, I can help you with everything from selecting entity considerations for doing business, evaluating purchasing or leasing equipment as well as equipment depreciation, to identifying federal and state credits available to your company.

Whatever the size of your company, I am confident I can provide you with tailored and comprehensive financial information, advice and solutions.


Tax Preparation

David Kirst CPA is knowledgeable in all tax areas. I handle the needs of individuals, small businesses, corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies.

Tax preparation jobs: They must be done correctly. Errors made when preparing your taxes can cost you money and time. To avoid this, we ensure only an experienced and professional staff to work on your return

I stay current: Tax laws can be complicated and are constantly changing. I am always current with these constant changes.

David Kirst CPA is dedicated to maximizing deductions you are qualified for. Tax matters from tuition deductions, retirement income, corporate profit and loss statements and much more will be thoroughly evaluated to save you money.

Most importantly: I am concerned about you and your needs. You are not just another name and number, lost in a filing system. I ensure great customer experience every step of the way.

I offer the following services:

  • Tax Preparation Services

  • Individual Tax Preparation

  • Small Business Tax Preparation

  • Real Estate Professional Tax Preparation

  • Amended Tax Return Preparation

  • Limited Partnership Tax Preparation

  • Partnership Tax Preparation

  • LLC Tax Preparation

  • S-Corporation Tax Preparation

  • C-Corporation Tax Preparation

  • Not Filed / Late Filed Tax Preparation

  • FBAR Foreign Assets Reporting- FinCEN 114

C-Corporation Tax Preparation Services

What is a C-Corporation?

A C-Corporation is a corporation that usually has more than one shareholder, seeks venture capital, takes on equity investors or considers going public. Better said, a C-Corporation is one that is taxed separately from its owners under the United States Federal Income Tax Law.

With a large amount of shareholders and investors, various forms are often needed to file taxes for a C-Corporation. Our C-Corporation Tax Preparation Services will make sure that everything is completed correctly and accurately to avoid any issues from occurring.

Forms Required to File

Different filing processes and forms are required C-Corporations due to its complexity. Possible forms that you may need to complete and file for your C-Corporation include:

  • Income Tax – IRS Form 1120 – Corporation Income Tax Return

  • Estimated Tax – IRS Form 1120-W – Estimated Tax for Corporations 

As most companies are considered C-Corporations and separate taxpaying entities, C-Corporation Tax Preparation Services can be beneficial in completing and filing your company’s tax forms. David Kirst CPA will ensure the accuracy of all your documents and help you file before the required due date.

Amended Tax Preparation Services

Sometimes, you may need to revise your tax return; David Kirst CPA can help amend your tax situation with the IRS by assisting in the completion of amended tax returns such as the Form 1040X and Form 1040.

Why Should I File an Amended Tax Return?

Filing an amended tax return allows you to make changes and accurately state your filing status, income, deductions, dependents and tax credits. Some of the reasons why you may need to file an altered tax return include:

  • You claim additional dependents

  • You remove dependents you previously claimed

  • Claim additional tax credits

  • Report additional income

  • Make few changes in your deductions

  • Change your personal exemptions

  • Report your correct filing status

  • Remove mistakenly taken tax credits

  • Recalculate the sum of the credits

  • Report extra withholding

Although it might not seem very difficult to complete and file such an amendment, it is recommended to use specialized Amended Tax Return Preparation Services in order to make sure you complete it with all the required information and provide all the necessary explanations and documentation. Our certified accountants are professionally trained to know what to look for and help amend your tax returns in the proper and correct manner.

Let David Kirst CPA help you with your amended tax returns.

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