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Any small business owner who plans to take advantage of company growth and a continued flow of profit must consider the use of professional small business accounting and tax planning.

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David Kirst, CPA

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Small Business Tax Preparation and Planning

I have worked with clients of all shapes and sizes – from sole proprietors to multi-million dollar businesses – and can develop an individualized service plan that meets your unique needs and budget. I have decades of experience in providing small business tax and accounting services that I can put to work for you.

My goal is not only to save you money, but to help you achieve your business and personal financial goals, so you can focus on doing the things you love, and enjoy owning a thriving business.

Tax Planning and CPA Services for Small Businesses

The financial practices and obstacles that small businesses face are unique, and you can’t afford to have your financial advisor learning the industry on your time.  Managing a small business in the Bay Area alone can be a stressful venture, and poor accounting practices can impact your company’s financial stability.

Tax Planning, Preparation and CPA Services

Since 2001, I have proudly served companies in San Jose of all shapes, sizes and fields in achieving their financial goals, as both owners of a business and as individuals. I am an experienced professional who knows how to get the job done for small businesses. I have decades of experience, offering financial counsel to firms of all sizes and situations. My goal is simple: to arm you with insightful financial information and competent advice, so that you can feel confident making well-informed business decisions.


A Financial Consultant You Can Trust

As a small business owner searching "tax planning in San Jose" or “CPA services in San Jose" you can be overwhelmed with options.


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Integrating a Personalized Touch for
Small Business Tax & CPA Services

The average business owner wears many hats – why add tax preparation to the mix? Tax services are adapting to match modern business requirements, and more then ever, businesses are adapting to the as-needed service economy.

By outsourcing your tax preparation and accounting services, you can take advantage of significant cost savings, with the added benefit of my niche-specific expertise and knowledge when and where it's needed most.

Accounting Advisory Services


With the use of efficient communication and record management technologies, I can provide you with top-level tax consulting, preparation and accounting services remotely for businesses that require on-demand services when it's required.

Outsourcing of CPA Services

For a small business owner, a CFO on salary simply doesn't make sense...
No doubt, accounting and tax work can take the fun out of owning a business. Plus, these time-consuming activities can distract owners from core business functions like product development, sales and customer service. But someone has to keep an eye on the numbers. Outsourcing is the smart and cost-effective way to get top quality accounting and tax work without adding employees to the payroll.

I can help lessen the load by providing tax preparation and planning services for both your business and personal finances.     


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Walnut Creek, CA

David Kirst provided an excellent orientation and service for both our business and personal taxes.

He went beyond our expectations to explain every step of the process and was always extraordinarily prompt in his responses. If he’s busy or out of the office, he acknowledges receipt of our emails and answers back very soon. He is always open to help us in all accountant-related paperwork or mails we receive.